New Paper! Learning about Gender

Lead by Sabrina Burtscher, we presented our paper “But Where Do I Even Start?: Developing (Gender) Sensitivity in HCI Research and Practice” at Mensch und Computer 2020, where it also received a Best Paper Honorable Mention award. The paper takes as a starting point the gap of teaching material for developing sensitivities around marginalisation and gender that is specifically tailored to HCI work. We provide initial guidance on conceptualising research, asking for funding, conducting and reporting the research, but also encourage people to critically reflect on our suggestions to develop their own that are nuanced and situated to their specific contexts.

If you’re less the academic type and want to just explore the findings, Sabrina made a useful page for this endeavour (currently only available in German). We hope that the paper can inspire researchers to reflect on their practices and do intend to use it as a point of reflection for our own work as well.