Public Lecture Series: Critical Perspectives on Technology

Please note, the lecture series is taking a break in Winter 2021/2022.

Technologies invade our everyday lives, take part in constructing our identity, classify (often violently) bodies, and, pushed by recent regulations on social distancing, play an expanding role in connecting families and friends.  The effects of this rapid increase of technological dependency, though, further exacerbate existing inequalities, introduce new ones, but also lead to previously less apparent pockets of freedom. 

In a series of (approximately) biweekly talks, the project “Exceptional Norms”, part of the HCI Group of the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien, invites interested audiences to participate in critically engaging with recent scholarship on technology assessment. Our speakers are trailblazing scholars and internationally renowned experts from a range of (inter)disciplinary standpoints in conversation with Austrian researchers as hosts. 

Please register for this free lecture series (held on Zoom) here.

Recordings of selected previous lectures are available on youtube. An earlier instalment happened previously in Winter 2020/2021 and one in Summer 2021.